Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Biar mereka bercakaran kerana cakaran cakaran sesama mereka akan mengamankan kita. Jangan ulangi kesilapan kita membantu mereka..apabila mereka tidak lagi bercakaran, mereka ingin mencakar kita kerana mereka sukakan cakaran..mereka telah mencakar kita sekali..tidak mustahil mereka akan mencakar kita lagi kerana 10 wira kita telah dicakar nyawa mereka


Latest reports from Zamboanga are that Commander Khabir Malik is leading the raid to re-liberate the city and that more than 1,000 Mujahidīn have landed and more are arriving.

The MNLF Mujahidīn entered into the city at around 3am this morning via the Muslim majority port areas of Rio Hondo and Mariki, from there they have marched through to Sta. Barbara, Lustre, Sta. Catalina, Talon-Talon, Kasanyangan, Mampang and surrounding areas. The city is at a stand still and the mayor of Zamboanga Maria Isabel Climaco has placed the city on shut down, ordering all stores and schools to be closed.

The Mujahidīn have stated that they aim to march upon city hall to raise the flag of Moro independence, this seems to suggest that this attack is not merely a ghazwah (raid) but is an attempt to re-liberate the city of Zamboanga and to return it to Muslim hands after centuries of Christian rule.


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