Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Mungkin babi ni beranggapan dia babi yang bijak tapi bangsa cina dah cop binatang paling bodoh adalah babi..jadi babi tetap bodoh walaupun jadi Ketua Menteri.

Ada beza antara sindiran Tun M terhadap bangsa Melayu bahawa Melayu Pemalas dengan makian Paria ADUN Seri Delima "Melayu Celaka"

Namun babi tetap babi cuba menangguk di air yang keruh di musim hujan ni..cubaan yang baik dari seekor babi

Not race but BN’s flawed policies make people ‘lazy’, DAP says

GEORGE TOWN, Sept 15 — DAP does not agree with claims that any group of people or community are lazy as stated by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
“We do not agree with his comments that any group of people or community are lazy,” said the party’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng yesterday after attending the Penang Automall Pakelo Lubricants Autofest 2014 in Persiaran Karpal Singh.
“It is not the fault of any community or race, it is the fault of BN’s wrong policies that failed the people.”
Lim who is also Penang chief minister was referring to comments made Dr Mahathir last week that Malays had become lazy and dishonest.
He said no single race or community was more superior than the other.
Dr Mahathir had also reportedly said that Malaysia’s largest race group lacked good values, ethics and were not hardworking enough.
He said this had caused them to trail behind the other races economically.
Dr Mahathir also said despite being prime minister for 22 years, he had failed to change the mentality of the Malays.
Lim said he wondered if the former prime minister’s statements were seditious as it was directed at an entire race and compared the situation involving DAP leader RSN Rayer.
“When Rayer talked about three Umno leaders, he was charged with sedition,” he said.
On August 27, Rayer, the Seri Delima assemblyman, was charged with two counts of sedition including one for allegedly using the word ‘celaka’ on three Umno leaders during the Penang legislative assembly in May.
Rayer faces a jail term of five years or a RM5,000 fine or both if found guilty.

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